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  1. elisadevelon Moderator 3d 7h ago

    Quote by TsasuNow now that's not entirely true *sit's on the floor next to the table* I mean yeah T.V show's and Movies have been making your species bit less scary but I always thought that was your species making things that way so when someone does find you they wont try to harm you. Now tell me , would you prefer for people to see you and be afraid or to be kind and get to know you?

    Actually my drunk story is not that different from you just add a lot of shake spear and ship poems to them , oh but they are not that good.
    I mean I was told I picked up a guitar and started serenading this women who was older then me , I apparently sucked at it but the lady liked the effort . I honestly don't remember much but man did i feel like shit the next day xD from there on I said 'Never again"
    I know I am getting drunk when I start becoming more daring but by then I stop drinking , it's good to know your limits (sometimes) .

    True but for me the beer has to be cold or else I wont drink it. (nice costume choice , the would never suspect lol)Same , i have one friend that get's drunk with one glass of wine. She is a lightweight drinker , from what I hear she stopped drinking in general. I think that was good for her.

    No problem , I never dislike ran'ts one can learn many thing from just listening to them.
    Every time I read or find something new I always end up saying "Why are people still okay with this!", I think that's politics in a nutshell.

    I guess the same thing could be said about wasting time and being patient.
    I think it was worth it, I mean even if it didn't turn out great, you at least took a risk.

    Hmph. Now, don't think me weird but I like it when people are a bit scared of me. I feel like I have the upper hand and I like that. Ofc when I really need help with sth or want to help sb else, I'm very nice and friendly. But with unknown, foreign people, I prefer to be dark, mysterious and dangerous in general. >:]

    omg, that's actually a very good story. Tsasu the poet xDD But I'm glad you're more careful now. I'm not much fond of people who get drunk just to have fun. Or think they can't have fun without getting drunk.

    Ah, warm beer couldn't even taste good. I think Slovakia has quite a long tradition of producing beer so it's quite common here and they know how to serve it. :P Anyway, I guess I am like your friend. I'm not very used to alcohol. When we hang out with friends, I almost never have wine. I always end up with some hard liquor but I only drink very little.

    Learn?I don't think you can learn anything from my rants xD but thanks for hearing me out :)
    I know, I feel the same. Life would be so much easier without politics -_- I've been expecting some kind of revolution... somewhere... for a few years now. A global one would prolly be the best.

    I guess. It's difficult to give any advise in these cases. It's often so individual.
    I dunno, if I didn't do it, I wouldn't need to worry. Now I don't have any "security" (read the PM lol).

  2. DontTellDad 4d 12h ago

    Quote by Tsasu

    Quote by DontTellDad

    yes... big puppys in the house can cause lots of damage!

    when she was a puppy she would always sit and watch me eat and some things people eat are okay for dogs to have some of... finally i got tired of her staring at me eating so i asked her if she wanted a little bit... the name stuck XD

    Yeah they do , plus I feel like them being outside let's them still a bit wild to their hearts content. There is just so much pop to clean T.T, i mean have you ever stepped on dog shit, if so you will know that the small will just not go away even if you rub it off in the grass >.<

    That's actually way more creative and better story then why I named this guys Zeus , Max and Chocolate. I am just terrible at making up names on the spot.

    Hey i don't think we have formally introduce our self's . Well as you know I am Tsasu but you can just call me Tsa or T, you are sort of new right? How did you find out about MT if you don't me asking.

    stepping in dog poo is the worst for real... you actually spell bad like me... lol i never finished high school what about you?

    well im hannah but i prefer hannie... how to you prononce tsa? t would be way easier... like han and you can call me that too

    i was looking for anime wallpaper websites and i found this one... theres really more images of outlaw star on pinterest than here and thats why is was pissy about it when i joined up... outlaw stars my fave and im watchin it on toon

    i have met a few fun and crazy people here so i just come back for that... what do you come back here for t?
    oh... how old are you?

  3. DontTellDad 6d 3h ago

    Quote by TsasuShe sounded like a handful when she was a puppy, we had three puppy's so we didn't really keep then inside the house even so they were (are) still a handful. We did bring them in when we had bad weather , so i know what you mean ,this guys had to stay in the restroom so they wouldn't kill themselves.

    Why the name 'little bit'?

    yes... big puppys in the house can cause lots of damage!

    when she was a puppy she would always sit and watch me eat and some things people eat are okay for dogs to have some of... finally i got tired of her staring at me eating so i asked her if she wanted a little bit... the name stuck XD

  4. HatedAngel Moderator 6d 8h ago

    Quote by Tsasu I know why and I didn't forget , that's why I never pester you about it.

    Your right I lost that long time ago and for the flirting as far as it goes I only do that in the SB cause I thought it trigger you to be active on the SB cause I knew you didn't like romantic things like that but didn't know it made you feel uncomfortable, you must of mention it before but I can't remember but now is simple and clear so as requested I will stop. About that 'top heavy' comment, it was a reference from RWBY even so that doesn't make it anymore appropriate.
    This was all just a misunderstanding on my part about our friendship and how you felt about things, I will try to listen more carefully from now on.

    I had no right to make such comments there for I apologize for my rude behavior, I didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable in any way shape or form on this website or in general.

    Thank you for the friendly reminder and letting me know.

    I knew it was a rwby referense, which is why I knew it was inappropriate, otherwise top heavy would mean I was fat or something
    And really the flirting just makes me not wanna be in the sb so if thats really your motive you're being counter productive jus' sayin.
    And apology accepted -3- I guess

  5. Huesin Moderator 1wk 0d ago

    Quote by TsasuStupid would be the proper word for what I did back then but that's the pass and I only bring that up to remind myself what not to be.
    Eh kinda, i think you need to get to this levl of mutual respect and bond with the other person before you talk that way to them. For example , like friend from elementary and never to be used when that other person is having a bad day. It's hard to explain but you seem to know what i am talking about.
    Hoho nice , I think everyone should learn to fight. Not to beat each other up but defense.

    Andean? How does one celebrate that?
    I see and that's fine not that many people like it, how about Vodka?

    It is , it's so fucking toxic. Lats time i played it i got spam with hate messages about how to use D.Va T.T. It's fun though with friends, i think most games are if your playing with friends lol

    Yeah my typing skills aren't that great , so my hands can't keep up with my brain and most of the time i never re-read what i type (to lazy) and autocorrect is just trying to fuck up your life every chance it gets D:
    Download speeds up to 60 Mbps.
    Upload speeds up to 5 Mbps. is pretty fast for me.

    huh i never thought about it that way, i tend to be a bit picky replying back to a post that's been 3week old or longer cause I feel what ever i reply wont matter anymore. I know it'a rude cause I wouldn't like someone doing that to me (i would most likely forget too) but dunno , I guess it depend on the topic. What do you think ?
    That is true but at what point do you stop sending reply's or post to someone who is not replying?
    Oh boy don't get me stared on the biblical stuff (cause i don't know jack)
    "As you would have people do to you, do to them" is that were they got 'Eye for an Eye"?

    Everybody makes mistakes, right? I'd like to meet the person who can look at the past without feeling a bit stupid.
    No I get you. You're right, timing and respect are key. Friendly insults are fine most of the time imo.
    I think so too, learning martial arts is good for any kid. Kids should have a proper teacher tho, one who's not obsessed with beating the shit outta everybody.

    Well, you're gonna think I'm fucking with you.. every andean new year people gather at a high place where the sun can be seen (usually the top of a mountain), they wait for the sunrise, and when the sun is up, everybody lifts their arms up and praise the sun xD
    Dark Souls literally copied that from my people, those bastards xwx

    Vodka sounds good tbh. I've heard you don't get a hangover the day after with vodka or whisky. I've never tried tho.

    lol I knew it xD Why were they picking on D.Va tho, what's wrong with the cute japanese girl D:
    Tbh I wouldn't play a game unless I play it with friends.

    So that's the reason for the typos huh ^^; I see now.
    Damn, that's fast. Internet speed here sucks. Only businesses that can afford it have 20 Mbps.

    It depends ofc, but I'd send a msg even if I know I'm not getting a reply anymore.
    I remember I forgot to reply to a msg once, so I did it after 7 months. I got a reply months later, and still replied to it ^^; it was a weird convo and a weird friendship.

    lol it's ok bro. I probably learned the biblical stuff for the wrong reasons. I'm not an expert or anything, but I think "eye for an eye" is all about revenge, and the other is about doing the right thing.

  6. HatedAngel Moderator 1wk 0d ago

    Quote by Tsasu

    btw dude that is so cool you got a pic with Barbara, also you looked great. I think that's the first time I've seen you smile, looking top heavy too ;P

    Ok listen here because apperantly you forgot why I blocked you on Facebook and for a while cut you out of my life so I'm going to give you a not-so friendly reminder.
    You do not have the right to talk to me this way. You lost that years ago by being quite possibly the worst person a person could be to a person they claimed to love and care for. So this whole flirting with me thing in general? Quit it. I was able to accept it at a bare minimum as you being a jackass for humors sake but you have absolutely no right to even talk about my body. None. Not even for a cheap joke or referense. You lost it a long time ago and I have no patience for that.
    I may be able to look back on it and not feel angry but the fact is you have a status to me and that status is as a guy I am not romantically involved with. Literally nobody who I am not involved with in this way can talk to Me that way and never in a million years will you be an exception.
    So either fall in line with that or never talk to me again

  7. DontTellDad 1wk 1d ago

    Quote by TsasuSome things just take longer to heal but it does get better with time.

    What your friend went through is something no one should ever go through ,but there is so much as a friend one can do. The least we can do is be there for them and make them smile once in a while.

    Just be happy and don't blame your self for things that you had no grasp of.

    So changing the topic, what is this I hear you own a Winnie dog?

    you mean little bit? yes... shes my little doxie and shell be two in april. shes very active if you know what i mean. when she was a puppy shed chew through wires and was lucky she didnt shock herself to death!

  8. elisadevelon Moderator 1wk 2d ago

    Quote by Tsasuhuhu I'm just confident I can handle vampire , plus if worse comes to worst I can always use my secret weapon :3

    Oh , now i'm more intrigued of this drunk Elisa. You know some say that when your really drunk the true 'You" comes out , I am the same as you only got drunk once and I was in my teens so I was that "romantic idiot' I had no shame but i guess some liked that xD
    I'm not that big of a fan of beer now, don't get me wrong I still go out for some drinks with some friends but never go more then three beers.
    How about you , is it true you are more of the wine type? ;P

    Let's talk about it on the PM's

    Thanks you ^^ This might sound greedy but I kinda want for it to change, I know I can be more then what I have but there is a risk of screwing things up. I feel ..no more like I want to achieve more in life but been hesitating a lot lately , don't know why.
    You ever felt that way before?

    I glad to hear she is better , I been meaning to ask about her for so long but you seem busy this last few weeks but I'm glad she is doing much better.
    Why you been feeling that way, is it cause of your new job or perhaps you been watching to much news?

    No one takes vampires seriously nowydays... *crawls under a table sulking*

    Yeaaa, I'm definitely one of those talkative drunks. When I'm in that state that I realize I'm actually getting drunk, I also realize that I start talking too much but I'm always just like "whatever, I don't give a shit" and talk anyway. And I think I'm also much louder than normally. But Tsa as a romantic idiot now sounds intriguing to me. xD Tell me more please? Sounds like a good story. :D

    I don't really care what I drink once I drink but I do prefer to start with good old beer. Wine always makes me sleepy. I remember one Halloween when friends ordered red wine for me (I was a vamp - surprise - and they wanted pics with a glass of "blood"). I started yawning after like two glasses.

    Man, sorry about that rant in that PM. This is why I feel so pessimistic lately. So to answer your question, yes, cause of the job. News - no, I rarely watch TV lately. Usually just read sth online. But not much. Politics is everywhere and I don't like politics. Those are never-ending discussions.

    Hmm, dunno. I don't think I hesitate too much. When I really want sth, I go for it. Sometimes I think about it too much at first but overall, I'm quite satisfied with my life so far. Except this latest decision of mine. They say you can't achieve more without risking here and there but this time I risked and it turned out badly. Maybe I could have stayed in the previous job but I was already very bored - and tired. It all depends.

  9. Huesin Moderator 1wk 2d ago

    Quote by TsasuMT used to get me stress back then now it get's me to sleep by how slow things are here xD
    It was no insult , well kinds more like friendly insult. I was never good when it comes to insults just punching :3

    There are many Holidays yet some feel pretty senseless here, i feel like some are just dying and have no passion in them anymore. Fun fact about me, not that fan of beer. TEQUILA! :P

    The soundtrack for those game are pretty good too. Well C.O.D is okay, i'm good at it but the community is pretty salty af but as much as OverWatch players xD

    Shot's fire lol but yeah that's why now when I read webcomis i try not to get to much in to it .

    I meant 'Just' not 'Lust' xD wtf
    dude same here, god those days sucked having really slow net. Now my net is fast as fuck boi

    xD Dude you know your the 6 person that has said the same thing to me here. C'mon guys, that's why MT is so quiet cause you guys are shy on speaking to each other cause you think you are annoying or bothering each other. Never be picky with friends just who you trust :P

    Stressed why, what kind of shady stuff were you doing back then xD
    Ahh friendly insults.. that doesnt make it less insulting but I get you, my trashy friend :P I'm good at buttkicking btw, don't try me.

    Depends on the holiday. Día de los Muertos is popular here because everybody wants to celebrate people who passed away. Other holidays are meh. Government is trying to force the andean new year on everybody, but it's not popular.
    Tbh I drink once a year, and I never liked tequila that much. Tequila is too complicated to drink.. salt.. lemon.. tequila.. what the hell.. It tastes good tho.

    Overwatch looks goodr than a.. you know :P I'd play that game but I've heard Overwatch's community is the most toxic out there :/

    Yeah, I didn't know if you were talking about a girlfriend or about a baby.. Your typos are scary bruh, wtf D: Not even HA writes typos like yours. Btw the only baby here is you, I'm a million years old =w=
    As fast as fuck boi, is that even fast? xD

    Dude.. shy? Me? ^^; Nevermind those other 6 persons, you know I've been sending messages to everybody, always first. If I bother them with my messages it's even better lol. And I don't mind if someone sends me a weird message back. If someone told me "Sup bish, you still alive?" after some years, I'd still reply back.
    I'm not really picky with friends but if a good old friend can't send at least a message first, then maybe there was no friendship in the first place. Sending a message first is a tiny gesture, but it matters a lot.. "As you would have people do to you, do to them", amirite? I'm getting biblical on yo ass :P

  10. HatedAngel Moderator 1wk 3d ago

    Quote by Tsasu

    Quote by HatedAngel

    Quote by Tsasu

    Quote by HatedAngel

    Quote by Tsasu Oh I see, I though people just submitted them online for sale. I must say some of the "professional" mods are so bad.
    Even so that's a pretty feature , would be nice to see that in future game but first they need to get this loot boxes charades fix.

    I wouldn't know. Only professional one I have is survival mode. I kinda think creation club is a bad idea simply because most of the mods have a free version of it. Plus with it the game actually from what I've heard has it all preinstalled or something. It just gets enabled when bought.... like... binhc.... I'm broke
    Loot boxes are a cash grab. It makes money on the same methods that gambling does... heck it is gambling. It's just that it doesn't have the same legal restrictions and minors can do it

    I know this mods take time and for some that's money but there are fans out there who make a better product and with more passion in them for no expense. Yet this corporate companies want you to cough up $10 or more for a game that most have spend $60 and have spend more then 100hrs in them buy some stupid little mod that as you mention there are most likely better ones out there. I know it's optional but practices like this are cancer to gaming community, but i believe that i can be balance when it's good for the consumer and the designer.
    That's why i'm glad with this time of media when they can make there voices heard when it comes to shady practices like that in video games, but can also be the opposite. Like people trashing a small Indy developer only cause they try something new to stick out in this gaming market, people keep forget that this are just video games and put focus on there real life problems.
    anyways that's enough about me rambling about this but I would like to read your opinion on all this.

    btw of topic here but is everything okay, you know you can always talk to me. I may have stupid answers or none at all but I can listen ;P
    see ya around and stay nerd pengu .

    Honestly yeah I'm not sure what Bethesda was thinking with creation club seeing as paid mods were a thing on steam back in the day with skyrim when it originally released and that went south. It's like... They don't really have a reason to tho k it's work unless there's something I'm missing here?
    The paid mod function reminded me more of dlcs except tinier. Dlcs are fine because their usually pretty sizable (not always though) and as long as it adds to the game rather than completing it. Dlcs are a side dish not an entree :p otherwise you're doing it wrong. *side eyes EA *
    The people who make mods for nexus or even Bethesda.net do it usually because they want a future in game design and want to build a portfolio, or they just have an idea they had to get out there. It's not money that motivates but some pursuit of passion.
    I'm doing fine. Just burried under school work x.x

    Yeah DLC are best when they are add a little more spice to what is a good game already, but of cores the price has to be right also. I don't know how much or how often the designer get's paid to make a DLC but if the DLC cost more then $25 I would buy only if the DLC is worth it, by worth it I mean that it adds more to the game then just a stupid Skin or gun.

    You know i never knew EA was such a shady company , i keep hearing all this news about it , like how at one point it was the worst gaming company and how they just eat other small studios and suck them dry. I can't believe at one point I was actually defending them, shame.

    That's good to hear your doing fine and don't worry about the reply do what you got to do first and reply when you get some free time.
    laters nerd.

    Some of "EA sucks business' s dry is a misconception of just how game companies work. ea is just massive and has a lot of studios under it.
    Designers and such do in fact get paid to make doc. What you think the team will work for free :p? Dlc is typically content that was intended to go into the base game, but didn't because of time budgeting. I only buy dlc if i like tge game enough though

  11. DontTellDad 1wk 3d ago

    Quote by TsasuYes I have lost a friend , it's been 3 years now. I don't mind talking about him but just not right now.

    anyways enough depress talk and tell me more about this dream thief.

    How did someone steal her dreams?

    Oh that lol Well we usually do it to keep the SB alive but no one never joins and it really doesn't bother me.
    Plus those two are pretty friendly , you should join us next time that way we can kick their butts :P

    well tsassu... when people take all that you hope for and what makes you happy and then make you feel like you have nothing... nothing to live for like youre a waste of space and they turn other people away from you and some were friends... well thats when they have taken your dreams and that when you feel like nothing... thats what happened to her and she was my friend Y_Y

    you dont have to talk about your friend cuz i know how you feel and i wonder if it ever gets any better

  12. elisadevelon Moderator 1wk 3d ago

    Quote by TsasuWell behave and I won't bring it out anymore :P
    Not that worry , I just can't help to imagine you drunk xD so cute
    >:O no one is provocative here , hmp! *turns chin away from you* xD

    I thought you loving your other job, why aren't you liking this new job or would you get in trouble if you talk about it?
    Well hopefully they call you back *fingers cross*

    Life has been pretty good to me this year, honestly I thought this year was gonna be shit cause of all the politics and life drama but it's been really good lately *knocks on wood* don't want to jinx it since the year is not over lol
    I mean don't get me wrong there are still many things i have to resolve with my life but i'm not to stress over it.

    btw how is your mom , should this a PM topic ?

    Threatening a vampire? You sure are trying your luck >:]
    I was prolly only drunk once in m y life? Can't even remember. But trust me, I'm not cute when drunk xD

    On a serious note, the job is exactly what I never wanted to do. We can always talk about it more via PMs if you want.
    Thank you ;)

    Well, that's great to hear! I'm happy for you :D Yes, may it stay that way ^^

    Ah, mom's already fine. Her leg healed very nicely and she doesn't feel the injury anymore. She's also stopped with the rehab exercises. Doesn't need it anymore. Yea, at least sth positive. I feel like a big pessimist lately. :/

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