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  1. agent-Achika 3m 59s ago

    Its Midnight here Tsasu!
    -Well for starters when I'm in my classes
    I have no time for social media.
    I am 100% focused on my homework.
    I can't afford to slack off
    & get distracted.
    -I still love MT but can't be on
    during campus hours.
    But since its Summer vacation
    I can visit & actually catch up
    with my online friends again yay.
    -I have not seen the film: Wonder Woman.
    I read good reviews.
    Would you recommend it?
    I want to see the new:
    Spider Man homecoming
    & Anabelle 2.
    -How is Texas weather?
    Its very humid these days ugh.
    -How old is your dog Max?
    -You had a few spelling errors.
    (all tho) should've been (although).
    & (resent) should've been spelled (recent).
    Other than those 2 mistakes,
    your grammar was clear.
    -Ugh I am now using a crappy
    govt free phone & I hate it.
    It has too many problems.
    I can't wait to save up
    for a new phone this year.
    I want a foreign brand lol.
    Its by Huawei. Which is in China.
    My best friend wants me to save up
    & purchase a Korean brand Android.
    He claimed they were much cheaper.
    But after further investigation; it
    seems as if they are just as pricey
    as its competition *yawn*.
    He has a SSG Note 5 Edge.
    & my other friend is getting
    the new Iphone 8 when
    its released here in the states.
    -Sadly I don't have any manga to suggest.
    I was so swamped with work
    & exams that I literally
    had no time for pleasurable reading.
    I will however suggest an App.
    Its called: (Zing box).
    U can download it to ya phone
    or a tablet.
    However the down side
    is it takes up a ton of space.
    So I would suggest waiting
    & using it on either a huge tablet
    or laptop for true benefits.
    -Nope not involved in sports.
    But I am becoming a raw vegan this year
    & will begin exercising daily.
    First I need to clean out
    my body of parasites & toxins.
    -The biggest difference
    between a Cal State & University
    is the govt & curriculum.
    I'll post a pic link for you to see.
    ( https://sdvirtualschools.com/wp-content/uploads/San-Diego-Virtual-School-Infographic-v22-1024x987.jpg )

  2. MisaSasekage Moderator 1d 4h ago

    Quote by Tsasu

    Quote by MisaSasekage

    Quote by Tsasu

    Quote by MisaSasekage

    Quote by Tsasu Is this a Hentai cover or is this from the other seasons? If so how much did I miss, she seems a bit more "Mature" .

    It might be for the next season but for now it's just a random a picture.

    Another season, how many seasons are there right now? Has it gotten better ?

    2 seasons & a movie for right now. If you don't analyze it too much & turn off your brain, it's good entertainment, but if you try to look further into the series as a whole/really think about it, SAO is actually pretty bad & poorly written.

    Most of the time my brain is off so I might take gamble on it. Have you seen the abridged series on YouTube, been told it does some justice to the anime in it's own way. Haven't seen it my self just yet but my guess is that it's no different then Dragon ball z abridged which I do enjoy.

    The abridged series is so much better than both seasons.

  3. MisaSasekage Moderator 1d 9h ago

    Quote by Tsasu

    Quote by MisaSasekage

    Quote by Tsasu Is this a Hentai cover or is this from the other seasons? If so how much did I miss, she seems a bit more "Mature" .

    It might be for the next season but for now it's just a random a picture.

    Another season, how many seasons are there right now? Has it gotten better ?

    2 seasons & a movie for right now. If you don't analyze it too much & turn off your brain, it's good entertainment, but if you try to look further into the series as a whole/really think about it, SAO is actually pretty bad & poorly written.

  4. MisaSasekage Moderator 1wk 2d ago

    Quote by Tsasu Is this a Hentai cover or is this from the other seasons? If so how much did I miss, she seems a bit more "Mature" .

    It might be for the next season but for now it's just a random a picture.

  5. agent-Achika 1wk 2d ago

    GM Tsasu!
    -How have you been this year?
    -How are your buddies: Chocolate & Zeus?
    -How is your sister doing?
    -Buy urself a new phone yet?
    -Back in college or working?
    -My studies are goin fine.
    I just have 2 more semesters
    before I can transfer to a cal state campus.
    Thanks for asking me.
    -Seen any new fims from 2017 yet?
    -Read any new comics or novels?
    -Still living inTexas?
    -Why were you absent from MT
    for so long? I Thought you
    had permanently left at one point.
    -Are you fit exercise wise?


  6. KichigaiChisana 1wk 3d ago

    Quote by TsasuI'm one of dose friends that say that but it's not that I hate them or dislike hanging out with them, i'm just not social and I enjoy my alone self times. I see one of my friends at less 4-5 times a week and even one sleeps over now and then , heck one of them is already married and he is younger then me (i'm kinda jelly of him) not cause of the marriage part , more of the fact that he is already married and I'm over here struggling getting a girl , to be fair I think I have commitment issues but that's some other story. No matter how much you guys hang out or how many you have , at longest they care about you just cherish them. friends are pretty handy and fun to have around.

    You shouldn't always care what other people think of what you do or the carrier you choose, just do you and be you if it bring no harm to other's then you must be doing something right but let's face it in a way we all kinda harm some one the more success we do but meh lot's of people only care that there food is warm and not worry how it was made but yeah I need a job soon. sorry for going off topic there.

    I feel that most just need someone to talk to , just to know that they are not alone .

    Roundly Happy, I hate you :P I gain weight kinda fast but I feel like I can lose it fast as well by being active.

    Yeah but that's human nature in a nutshell all tho i hate that excuse .

    I feel personal attacked on that last part of your sentence (:P) can you take breaks were you work, like walk around and things like that?

    btw on 'saint Young Men' did you mean the part of the Yakuza? cause that was funny , specially later on when he thinks he got caught xD

    Well I'm like that too, I mean I prefer to stay at home but I know that people usualy have need to hang out with other people so I'm trying to find some time for them. You don't need to be. You are nice, kinde and smart so you will find your other half. Around girls act like taken man relaksed and confident they will fly to you like bees to the honey. And don't forget the chocolate. I have problems with showing my feelings, emotions and I don't understand a lot of people actions but my boyfriend undersends that I have difficult character, still together after these years so every issue can be passed with the right person. About friends I have a lot problems to make them because of my character problems a lot of people do not understand my personality and because of that they call me cyborg a lot. Now I have only two close friends (I don't count work colleagues) but I didn't saw them in few months.

    I don't care but it's annoying when they babble about "you don't have a job", "why don't you try to make a difference in your life?" So mostly of the time I do what they wan't me to do only for the peace and quiet. But yeah job is needed for better life.

    And that is what I do not understand.

    :P Not my fault that I can't put on me any weight.

    Didn't intended to personaly attack you :P For all the 12h of work i have only 15 minutes to go outside to walk but I can eat inside while working so that dosn't bother me. Lately I have so much work so I don't have free time as before.

    Yup it was. And the part when Budda was teaching Jesus how to swim but he is like "Nope I will not swim, if I can parts the waters of the swimming pool there is no meaning in it"

  7. KichigaiChisana 3wk 0d ago

    Quote by TsasuYeah he is a pretty cool dude and a friend , they always crack me up.
    I'm terrible with money cause I only work to achieve what I want , money is meh to me but not a hard thing to get. Sadly once I get that 'one thing' I can careless about the job >.<
    Well yeah when it comes to that sort of helping then yeah I agree , I always try to help were I can and If I can no matter if I get anything at the end, Plus helping someone feels pretty nice :3 but do be careful cause something you may think your helping but you could be making thing worst.
    That a really sweet system you got there, no pun intended :P

    Oh so that's why that quote sounded familiar , you have on your signature status it's pretty neat.

    x.x I forgot to watch that movie, by the next reply i'm be sure to have seen it.

    How is your ass not dead or numb from sitting for so long xD ?

    My friends are not as great as yours. I see them once in few months. "I don't have time right now" they always say to me but when they want to meet and I can't the always complein that I'm not a good friend.
    My motivation about job looks like that. I don't want to sit on my ass at home and take money from my nation or family and no one will complain that I do nothing beside resting.
    Yup. It's nice feeling when you help someone. And yes, sometimes problems that other people have can be fixed by other people. Some of them should be done by themselves.
    You know that is a little horible for them? Because I can't put on weight. They can. I know it's a little devilish deal. But hey, they are roundly happy.

    That's why I have writed it. Beside I think it's 100% true and a lot of people do quite the contrary to that quote, sadly.

    No problem. I hope you will like it.

    You can laugh I'm ok with that. Nah, I'm ok with so much free time at work. Especialy when there are people that do nothing all day long.

  8. KichigaiChisana 3wk 4d ago

    Quote by Tsasuyeah that's why I always find it weird when I lend friends some money , specially those who tend to forget the thing you lend them =.=. My friend makes his girl paying back cause she buys things that they really don't need, like in a way I get it but the way he ask for it makes me laugh cause he sounds like a loan shark when he ask for it xD
    I don't know I have mix feeling for that topic, I guess it all depends on the friend and you.
    Well I could have already have a good gaming PC id I had stayed on my last job in like 3 weeks TwT , but it wasn't worth it. If I had stayed on that job any longer I would gotten seriously injure and the bills would not be worth it. I like working but not killing my self for a living.

    I mean it is a bit odd to be wearing a dust mark but it's better then having a runny nose or an endless sneeze cause of allergies.

    xD haven't seen "Saint Young Men" but just check out a trailer for it and it looks funny , i'm gonna check it out.

    work goes so slow when you slack off tho , time just drags on and makes everything 2x boring. I guess that goes for other things in life not only work :P

    He is a reall god boyfriend. Why he will not explain to her that she need to rething about buying stuff. Money don't grow on the trees and time spended for work will not be back so buying things that are not needed is a waste of it.
    I always help without thinking what I can get something in return and alweys sey that before. If someone thinks that he/she needs to give me something then it's different story and they alweys gives me choclate, because of that I have drawer full of it. I do the same and everyone are happy.
    Just like Tuco said. If the work was that bad it's good you dropted it. Health is the only thing that we really need to take care of because no one will do this for us. If I would not move out than I would have a good PC to. But I have other priorities right now.

    It would be od but I think I will survive withou it. Somhow.

    Best part in that movie was at swimming pool and on amusement park in my opinion.

    Yup it is. and when I sit in work for 12h than it is really depresing when there is nothing to do.

  9. HatedAngel Moderator 3wk 5d ago

    Quote by Tsasu huhuhu look at you , Ms. Mod


    your pengu army will soon be unstoppable

    Oh but they already are

  10. MisaSasekage Moderator 3wk 6d ago

    Quote by Tsasu Hey ,is this that anime were each of the Angels have a 'SIN" name?

    Yep, I think so. ^^

  11. KichigaiChisana 4wk 3d ago

    Quote by Tsasu Nah I would still make you pay :P
    I think i'm just gonna get a decent Pc not a gaming one just one that is good enough to do some art and online shenanigans, i'm assuming that Pc over were you live aren't cheap either.

    The dust will just kill me in a work space like that, heck i can barely survive with a mask when i used to work on installing carpets , it was a nightmare but i needed the money.

    So hey I kinda stared watching anime again, by that i mean i only watched like one anime movie lol. The name of it was 'A Silent Voice' i think that was first time that I've seen an anime take on the concept of a deaf person. It was really good and I didn't even plan on watching but man i'm glad I did. They have so many beautiful shots , fuu it was good you should check it out when ever your bored or just in a random time like me.

    Can you imagine getting payed for slaking of, sounds like boring job no Pun intended :D

    He owe me enough money to make it free :P Beside making someone close to you pay for help can return to you in a bad way.
    Why not? If you don't need PC for play than it will be cheaper. Yeah, they are not cheap. To save money for one I would be glad to have (to play new gams) I would need to work 8 months for it in a place where I work right now.

    I'm thinking about a mask from time to time but I don't have any in my work place and I forget to take it frome home. It would be funy to work with it on my face.

    "A Silent Voice" I will remeber to try it. Maybe next week on my weekend of. Have you seen "Saint Young Men" movie? It was funny anime movie.

    In Poland is normal that a lot of people are payed for slaking of. Most of them are a politicians and they make a lot of money. Not offended :D

  12. KichigaiChisana 5wk 4d ago

    Quote by Tsasu

    Quote by KichigaiChisanaYour boyfriend knows how to fix computers..for free :p , eve if do I live miles and a ocean away lol.
    I was also planing on saving up for a new Pc for gaming but you know life and my terrible habit of not saving money kinda put that on hold for now , plus i'm happy with my Ps4 for now.
    Man i'm surprise you haven't died of boredom , 12hrs by your own sounds ...hard x.x but i guess internet helps.
    look at you rebel , slaking off at work ;P

    xD oh god, how much do i have to pay you to be my chef!

    I pay him with good dinner :P but I don't have time to bring it to his place.
    I don't have even ps4 so I can't play anything, maybe when things will setle down I will save money for new pc.
    Nah, good books, internet and a lot of cleaning (there is so much dust in air that you can cut it with knife) that I manage it.
    Muhaha, and they will not say a word.

    If I would be your chef than I would pay you for slaking of ;P

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