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  1. elisadevelon Elite Member 15h 16m ago

    Quote by TsasuNo problem and don't think I didn't like the other one , I like both but as you mention the whole dark seductive atmosphere with that hint of that forbidden kiss it's just perfect, also you nailed it with that tittle.
    Oh and i showed some love to the other one as well ;D

    who me? I would never do such a thing ;P

    I haven't been keeping up much with the anime or manga so I wouldn't know how there portraying there relationship, but like most anime don't need a happy ending to be a good ending.

    A little fantasy is good for your soul now and then , just don't over indulge on it or you'll start seeing how unfair is reality is.

    Been watching more anime movies then the show's, so far have only seen 3 movies, Your Name, A Silent Voice and Kizumonogatari. I like them you should check them out when you get the chance.
    Yeah I been seeing that character a lot too, haven't checked out My Hero Academia yet but I am planing to during the week i'll let you know how it is once I watch it.
    How about you , have you had time to watch anime this year?

    ty http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/NDg5WDU3Ng==/z/sZYAAOSwCAJZYfOf/$_9.JPG

    I wanna see the next season already and I want it to be at least another 24 episodes so I can finally learn all the Titan history xD Bu yeah, hopefully it will have a happy ending. At least partially happy. Dunno, Isayama is capable of anything ^^'

    I don't know any of those titles. :/ Wwill check, thanks ;)
    Hmm, not really, no. Just watched and finished Yuri on Ice this week. It was very sweet. And hella gay, lol. Not really discussed that the main characters were ag gay couple but with lots of implied scenes and situations. And I really loved the animation when it got to the skaters' shows on ice. The creators did a great job.

  2. HatedAngel Moderator 2d 13h ago

    Quote by Tsasu f*&@

    boi if you don't >:O

  3. HatedAngel Moderator 2d 15h ago

    Watch your language bonch >.>

  4. KichigaiChisana 5d 19h ago

    Quote by TsasuYeah I know what you mean, not only that but for some that's there whole world and can't live with it. For me I don't mind but at longest we get some alone time , some silence between people is okay.
    D: oh god now I have trust issues now that you mention it that way. nah i'm joking but you got a point. I guess it all depends how intimate you are with that person , plus if you talked to them long enough you can kinda get an Idea when something is wrong btw sorry to hear about your job dragging the days longer, hope things are working out.

    Yeah that is true, hey a little laughter now and then is fine just do try to help if you can , I mean try to do that when I can.

    by the way sorry I took long to reply.

    That is true. Lately I have only one thought. Shut myself in the room and read a good book but people surrounding me refuse me a moment of peace. One day without people and mails and phone calls. But I can't. Even yesterday my older sister (yes, the one that I had a lot of fights and now we are buddys, I don't know why) she returned home and first thing she did was waking me up to tell me how the last episode of The Game of Thrones was awesom (and she new that I don't watch these TV series) and why it was aweasome.
    Oh no, and now I will not trust peope because of my thought. I'm joking I never trust them. But still sometimes even the close ones can fake. Nah, the last day was greate. There was a small fire in the back of the big shop next to me so I had a few hours to clean in quiet.

    That's why I like to watch comedy. Btw. When I talk about watchig I forget to mention that I started to watch Jormungand.

    No problem, I wasn't that active fo the past few days myself.

  5. elisadevelon Elite Member 1wk 1d ago

    Quote by Tsasuthat's what you get for taking a "vacation" :P plus the other post was really old news and didn't want you to come back and reply to long post.

    Yeah that also crossed my mind , I think mikasa is gonna end up with that guy who keeps getting the cold shoulder by her (forgot his name ). You been keeping up with the manga?

    No way really , damn Monu. I was a bit suprised , I didn't think they were gonna go to that point but I'm glad they did. Yeah on SNK they should have done somthing like that but I think its to late , the fault could be that it went to main steam and usually were there's a lot of death, sex "new life" is not that far away. I really hope they do animate it , fingers crossed .

    First of all, thanks for the fav, Tsa! I'm proud that you faved that almost-kissing one :D
    Tainted Bliss by elisadevelon

    Now - lol, why do I get a feeling that you like to scowl me? xD

    Yeah, that guy's name is Jean and I think he could make her happy. He's a good guy and loves her a lot. He's also changed since the beginning and doesn't act like an idiot anymore.

    I haven't been keeping up with the manga lately. I haven't read several chapters already... I don't think it went mainstream, I just don't like the whole idea behind the Titans. But I'm still pretty sure I wouldn't want sex in it. I always considered it positive that none of the characters got sexualized there. But it just doesn't interest me anymore :/ I'd prolly like to go to some fantasy again now... Dunno.

    Yeah, let them animate it! What have you watched lately? I keep seeing that white and redhaired guy from My Hero Academia. Is that one any good?

  6. KichigaiChisana 2wk 3d ago

    Quote by Tsasu
    True ,but it at less takes some tension away from not being able to hang with you friends after a long day.
    Yeah I will admit that I have more trouble reading people by simple text the on face to face, specially with my terrible sense of humor.
    I mean there are emojis like :) or D:< which makes things a bit better when it comes to people you don't know that well online but not everyone uses them which makes it hard for me to know if what I said offended them or if there just agreeing just to move on but even sometimes when it comes face to face I suck at reading the situation xD
    I'm fine with the friends I have now but wouldn't mind a few more , heck I just made on on Thursday and she is awesome >:3 hopefully i don't screw it up.

    oh yeah 'them' can f&%# off :D

    I have laugh on people tragedies but that's only cause my soul is rotten and hate it when I do but eating snail that-that is just sick :P never been that hungry to eat one.

    Yes! it's one of my faves also jormungand , if you end up likening Black Lagoon then also check that one out but do give it a try -3- I know your mostly busy but do try at less one episode.

    It was made to make life more simple just like most things in those days, and it dose in one way but on the other hand I think that a lot of people lock themself from the world with them. Even if they use it they still feel lonely. Of course it depends on a person.
    True, there is only one minus in emojis, you can't be sure that the person who writes it is writing the true. For example I can write that "I'm sooo happy XD" but right now I really feel dead inside (I have 69h of work this week and the past two days was like a horror). In real life it's the same.
    Than I will keep my fingers crossed for you :D

    Yup, they can *nod, nod*

    Nah, it's not that we laugh on people tragedies, we laugh because it's not happenning to us. I didn't try it to it's mostly used in French cooking.

    Ok, then if I only find time then I will try both.

  7. elisadevelon Elite Member 3wk 1d ago

    Quote by TsasuDon't worry about it and maybe a few days after your return but I didn't post it, I deleted an old post and replace it which could be the reason why you didn't notice it on your Notes.

    hm.. I kinda just skimmed through the episodes but it was okay but as you mention it didn't 'excite' me as the first season. btw you think Erin and Mikasa are gonna end together or will one of them die?

    also have you check out Tokyo Ghoul manga, if not dude! my boi kaneki been making some moves.

    I see. You've tricked me xD

    I think Eren will die. Everyone dies in this mango/anime and I don't think even the main characters are safe. Mikasa will flip shiet around but will have to accept it somehow. It's gonna be a very dystopian and a very tragic story imo.

    Nope but Monu specifically sent that one page to me on FB to see... xD Guys, why is there so much commotion because of this? I actually did expect sth like this would happen someday. Unlike SNK, I think TG can only get better, not worse. It started as a tragic story and should end happily. Are they gonna animate the whole TG:Re too?

  8. agent-Achika 3wk 3d ago

    Its a lil
    past midnight now Tsasu!
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    -Yep I def wanna see both upcoming films in the future.
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    -I'm just volunteering at various events
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    -Thanks for the links.
    -I like many movie & TV genres.

    vid of Huawei mate 9 review:
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  9. LunaInverseElric 3wk 3d ago


  10. elisadevelon Elite Member 3wk 3d ago

    Quote by Tsasu Yo, welcome back :)
    Hey, did watched AOT season 2?

    Tsa? When did you write this to me? I only noticed now xD

    Yeah, watched it about 2-3 weeks ago. It was good and pretty much fulfilled my expectations but I wish they would animate more episodes. None of what happened was a surprise to me since I had read the manga. But tbh, I dropped it after the backstories with the Eldrians (or whoever they are called) started. Got somehow boring... so hopefully, when the anime gets to that, I'll have the patience to watch. What do you think?

  11. MisaSasekage Moderator 3wk 3d ago

    Quote by Tsasu

    Quote by MisaSasekage

    Quote by Tsasu

    Quote by MisaSasekage

    Quote by Tsasu

    Quote by MisaSasekage

    Quote by Tsasu

    Quote by MisaSasekage

    Quote by Tsasu Is this a Hentai cover or is this from the other seasons? If so how much did I miss, she seems a bit more "Mature" .

    It might be for the next season but for now it's just a random a picture.

    Another season, how many seasons are there right now? Has it gotten better ?

    2 seasons & a movie for right now. If you don't analyze it too much & turn off your brain, it's good entertainment, but if you try to look further into the series as a whole/really think about it, SAO is actually pretty bad & poorly written.

    Most of the time my brain is off so I might take gamble on it. Have you seen the abridged series on YouTube, been told it does some justice to the anime in it's own way. Haven't seen it my self just yet but my guess is that it's no different then Dragon ball z abridged which I do enjoy.

    The abridged series is so much better than both seasons.

    No way, it's that bad.

    Yeah, man, it's that bad. If you really want to sit through SAO you need to watch the AniSins videos of SAO on Youtube first. He breaks apart everything wrong with series hilariously.

    Just finished watching the first Everything Wrong With: Sword Art Online (Aincrad Arc), the video was 41 minutes long but once you start watching it it goes by pretty fast. I'm gonna watch the other two tomorrow, "I'm I'm crying so much right now. You just can't see it cause you can't see my face" xD

    Once you start, it kinda just pulls you in~ Just like really bad anime xD Ooh, awesome ^^ He's so on point with a lot of the stupid shit that happens in that series & it's a hilarious to spend some time watching those videos, love 'em. LMAO Hope you enjoy the other ones; I definitely did. ^^

  12. KichigaiChisana 3wk 4d ago

    Quote by TsasuTrue but i think some personal space is also needed from time to time, so it's okay not to hang out with them for a few days. Plus now we have a ton of social media apps and websites that you can contact each other with out hanging out every single day, specially if your in relationship or live to far from each other.
    I know what you mean, i have met several people like that so you 'cyborg' kind is not that rare but are hard to read at time but that just makes the much more mysteries and want to be friends with them. I'm guessing is more easy for you to express yourself by a text? I think the older you get the harder it gets to make friends cause of work and other things, usually you make them with out even looking for one.

    ugh I hate it when people do that, specially when they raise there voice it's annoying but i understand they mean no harm and just looking out.

    there are many things our species do that we just don't understated, yet most of us still do it.

    man that sucks well don't worry about and focus on work , i'll still be around just give us a heads up if you planing on vanishing for a long time.

    lol yeah that part was funny , I didn't know it was base on a manga. Hey have you heard of Black Lagoon?
    it's an anime.

    Of course but even with social media apps people still have urge to meet in person. Even if it's from time to time.
    Yes it is a lot easier because I don't need to show emotions and don't need to force myself to smile, only need to write my thoughts. But still even online understanding other can be hard. That's why everyone complain that they want to go back in time. When I will move out I don't think that I will have much of free time like now I have, so makig friends will be out of my league.

    Yup, they do it to motivate but sometimes it's other way around.

    Like eating snails or laughing when someone trip an fall?


    I have it on my list to watch but somahow I always forget about it when I look for something new to watch. Have you seen it?

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